Remigius Bunia

Abstract zu »Stimme der Typographie«

Remigius Bunia: »Stimme der Typographie. Überlegungen zu den Begriffen 'Erzähler' und 'Paratext', angestoßen durch die Lebens-Ansichten des Katers Murr von E. T. A. Hoffmann.« In: Poetica 36 (2005). S. 373–392.

This paper focuses two objectives. First, we will try to disentangle two dimensions of the difference author/narrator; it is necessary to distinguish between its narrative dimension and its dimension in terms of fictionality. Second, we will show that typography (in a broad sense) and paratextuality are strongly interrelated phenomena; both ask to be scrutinized from a narratological perspective. The bond between these objectives is the significance concepts of voice have for literary theory; these concepts evoke misleading anthropomorphic notions (first objective) and call attention rather to the spoken word than to the printed word (second objective). Hoffmann's novel Lebens-Ansichten provides a foreword which proves to be fully conscious of the importance typography and paratextuality have, and the novel links both phenomena to the complex field of fictionality and authorship.