Remigius Bunia

Abstract zu »Fiktion als Darstellung«

Fiction as Representation: Of Reality in Literature, and about Recreation Parks and Laboratories

Literary texts let events, people, and settings appear “before the eyes” of the reader. This capacity of producing an effect of evidentia, however, does not single out literature, but is characteristic of other representational media (such as painting or cartoon) and, moreover, of kinds of representation which are not specifically aesthetic (e. g. newspaper reports). This paper discusses a concept of representation which updates the scholarly tradition linked to this term; but most of all, it aims to enlarge the range of the concept’s applicability to the entire variety of “manifest” imaginations induced by signs. On the one hand, this proposal will prove useful in characterizing fictionality, which is not a phenomenon restricted to art, either. On the other hand, the present paper helps disentangle content from form by introducing the distinction between representation and mode of representation. This new distinction will turn out to be relevant for scholarly readings of literary texts.

Remigius Bunia: »Fiktion als Darstellung. Von der Wirklichkeit in der Literatur, von Ferienparks und Versuchslaboren«. In: Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 40 (2010), S. 148–160.

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